Certificates marks

East-Certificate provides you with the certificates and declaration of conformity and other documents, necessary for customs clearance and operation for exporting goods into the Russian Federation and other CIS countries according to the law, norms and regulations.

New rules in certification

According to the new rules for the certification and/or declaration of conformity with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan).

Starting on February 15th 2013, the policy within the Customs Union was changed. The validity of all issued serial certificates issues up to February 14, 2013 were shortened to March 15th, 2015. Your certificate will NO LONGER be valid after this date. Also, effective from the first of January 2014 there are no more issued documents called Permission to Use, Permit of Rostekhhnadzor or Razreshenie RTN.

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  • Certificate of conformity with the technical regulations of the customs union
    Сертификат соответствия Техническим регламентам Таможенного Союза (ТР ТС)
  • Declaration of conformity with the technical regulations of the customs union
    Декларация соответствия ТР ТС
  • Letter of refusal (Otkaznoe pismo)
    Отказное письмо
  • Metrology certificate
    Метрологический сертификат
  • Fire certificate
    Пожарные сертификаты
  • Explosion-proof certificate tr cu
    Сертификат взрывозащиты
  • Passports
    Технический паспорт
  • Expertise of the industrial safety
    Экспертиза промышленной безопасности
  • Voluntary certificate of the industrial safety "certprombezopasnost"
    Сертификат промышленной безопасности «СертПромБезопасность
  • Otts certificate (vehicle type approval)
    ОТТС сертификат для транспортных средств
  • Railway transport certificates
    сертификаты для железнодорожного транспорта
  • Voluntary certificate
    Добровольный сертификат ГОСТ Р
  • Safety case
    Обоснование безопасности


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